Wicklein Elisen Lebkuchen Casket Musical Tin

Wicklein Elisen Lebkuchen Casket Musical Tin

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Item No. WICK551
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New Design for 2017!


icklein Elisen-Chest with Music Box - Assorted (sugar glazed & chocolate coated) - 300g/10.5 oz - 25% Nut content
Wicklein Nuernberger Elisen-Schatulle mit Spieluhr

Picture shows tin both closed and open - This offer is for a single tin!

Dual Sort: glazed and chocolate covered
2-fach sortiert, glasiert und schokoliert
Finest Nuremberg Elisen Elisen-Lebkuchen, such as those baked by Wicklein, are at the pinnacle of the art of baking Lebkuchen. The superior quality standard is guaranteed by the combination of 25% oil seeds (hazelnuts, wallnuts, and/or Almonds) with a flour content of less than 10%.
Diameter 98 mm/3.86 inches, 50 g each
Net Weight: 300g/10.5 oz
Melodie: Silent Night / (Stille Nacht)
Imported from Germany