Bjoern Koehler Kunsthandwerk - Three Holy Kings

Bjoern Koehler Kunsthandwerk - Three Holy Kings

Ref: BK-130

Item No. BK-130
UPC Code: 697691779218

Three Holy Kings, small edition, 4.72 inches high, colored, stained.
Height approx. 12cm, small, in stained limewood. These figures have been made by Köhler for more than 20 years and have therefore almost become a classic. With their characteristic clean lines, their tasteful use of translucent colour and high-quality craftsmanship the figures bring the wonder of the birth of Jesus into every home at Christmas - for many long years. The cribs are meticulously crafted by hand so consequently the number that can be produced every year is limited.

The crib figures were awarded the 'Tradition und Form' design prize of the Association of Erzgebirge Master Craftsmen in 1995.

Please note: This item is part of the standard nativity scene

Imported from the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountain), Germany